Expert in Security, SecDevOps, NetOps, Cloud, and Open Source tools

Consulting and Advisory

Provide professional services to help your organization build. Our engagement with you in this phase includes readiness assessments, advisory consulting and professional services across our focus areas: Security, DNS, Automation, Cloud Adoption and Application Modernization.

Content Creation

Blogs, videos, whitepapers, webinars, and more...

Public Speaking

In-person or virtual speaking engagements on security related


Live virtual or in-person F5, Fortinet, Palo Alto training? Provide Official Training and custom education. Depending on the focus of our engagement we may leverage both types. Official training we teach on behalf of our partners, custom educational material is created specifically for you. ā€‹ The goal is to set a common vocabulary, so when we talk about specific process and tools in a given context we are all in agreement.